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The Ceremonial Bugle ...

is a dignified method of playing Taps at a military funeral when a live bugler is not available for military funeral ceremonies. It was developed in order to provide a solemn visual image and as an alternative to the playing of a recorded version of Taps on a CD/cassette player.

The Ceremonial Bugle was introduced so that veterans' families have a choice on how Taps will be sounded when a live bugler is not available for a military funeral. The families may elect either a CD/cassette version or the Ceremonial Bugle. The Ceremonial Bugle has an electronic insert that enables an individual to "symbolically" play Taps, a more respectful means to honor those who served.


"In addition to the very high quality sound, it provides a dignified 'visual' of a bugler playing Taps, something families tell us they want," said John M. Molino, a deputy assistant secretary of defense.

With the bugler shortage in mind, Congress passed a law that took effect in January 2000 and allows a recorded version of Taps using audio equipment if a live horn player is not available. Molino said the push-button bugle is a "dignified alternative" to prerecorded taps played on a stereo or compact disc player.

The ceremonial bugle will not be used when a military musician is available, he said.



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