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frequently asked questions.

What happens if it breaks after the warranty period?

You can send the insert to our service center to be fixed. We will provide you with a free cost quote.

Is the Ceremonial Bugle a real bugle

Yes it is, remove the insert it can be played like any standard bugle.

Is the Insert water proof?

No it is not. It is weather resistant, the insert is recessed inside the bugle. Care should be taken not to get the insert overly wet. In 6 months of testing not one single insert was damaged due to moisture.

How long will one set of batteries last?

That depends at what volume it is played and the outside temperature. At full volume it should play approximately 30 times

The insert does not stay in the bugle

Remove the smaller of the two rubber rings for a tighter fit.

What type of batteries does it use?

Standard 9 volt alkaline batteries which are available at most stores You will need 2 to power the insert. We do not recommend rechargeable batteries as they do not perform well in extremely cold conditions

When should I change the batteries?

The power light will start to flash when it is time to replace the batteries. Complete instructions are in the Ceremonial Bugle manual.

How can I take care of the Bugle?

The use of Cream Lacquer Polish and a polishing cloth will
help protect the finish on the bugle. These can be bought at
local music stores

 The words
Day is done                      
Gone the sun 
From the lakes 
From the hills 
From the skies 
All is well
Safely rest 
God is nigh 

Fading light
Dims the sight 
And a star 
Gems the sky  
Gleaming bright 
From afar
Drawing nigh 
Falls the night

Thanks and praise
For our days
Neath the sun
Neath the stars  
Neath the sky
As we go
This we know 
God is nigh                       


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